Jason Collingwood
    4 end block weaves + summer and winter

Karen Donde
        Turned Biederwand: One Threading, Multiple Structures

Susan Leveille
        Small Looms With Big Results

Liz Spear
        Sewing Your Handwoven Fabric

Dianne Totten 
        Crimp & Create

Walt Turpening
        Weaving a Bench

Kathrin Weber
          Thinking Outside the Blocks


Kate Larson
        Spinning Spectacular Knitting Yarns

Paula Vester
         Spinning 2.0: Letís See What Else There is to Spin


Vicki Bennett
           Taking it to the Edge: Felted Vessels, Creative Edges

Becky Walker
            Rug In a Tub
Knitting/Garment Fitting

Jane Prater
        Perfect Fit, the Easy Way

Eileen Hallman
         Natural Dyes on Cotton
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