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Happy (Belated) New Year!!!

I know we were MIA for the month of January, and I greatly apologize to you all, but we are ringing in the New Year with you now and we are bringing you more fiber fun than ever before.  I hope you all have had a great 2013 so far; I can already tell, this is going to be a busy year!  Wait until you read what we have in store for you (literally).

The Countdown Has Begun!

We only have 2 more months to go until the 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference; can you believe it?  I hope you all have your calendars marked for April 4 – 7, 2013 because this year’s conference will be amazing.  The ever so gracious, Piedmont Fiber Guild from Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org) will be hosting this year’s conference at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN (http://arrowmont.org).

Registration has begun, so make sure you get your information in as soon as possible.  If you would like to stay on the property at Arrowmont, make sure you call Cynthia Bellacome at 865-436-5860 ext. 33 to finalize your lodging reservations.  Follow this link to read all the lodging options Arrowmont offers, (http://sefiberforum.org/FiberForumInfoRegister3.pdf).  You can also follow that link to register for the conference and workshops if you haven’t done so already.  Make sure you turn in your paperwork as soon as possible, because 2 classes have already filled up, Walt Turpening’s class, Weaving a Bench and Kathrin Weber’s class, Thinking Outside the Blocks.

Calling All Students!!! 

My friend and fellow fiber artist Molly Feudale and myself at Arrowmont.  We both received TA Scholarships to the 2011 Southeast Fiber Forum and loved every second of it!


We have some AMAZING news for all you blossoming fiber artists.  We have extended the Teaching Assistant Scholarship deadline for the 2013 Conference!  We still have 5-6 TA Scholarship slots open for fiber students to apply for.  This is an outstanding opportunity and I highly recommend all fiber students to act on this as soon as possible, and if you are teacher – make sure you get your students to apply.

Why?  Well, the TA Scholarship not only includes tuition for class, paid lodging and meals, SFFA membership, but you also will make amazing connections, get TA experience, have a resume booster, and make great lifelong friends.  How do I know this you may ask?  Because I was one of the TA Scholarship recipients for the 2011 Conference!

Here is a photo of Geri Forkner, Molly Feudale, myself, and some ladies in Geri Forkner’s What’s New with Nuno Felting class that I was a TA for.  We had a great time making wild, dancing ladies!



Two for Two

Since we have two classes with closed registration, why don’t we talk about two teachers workshops this month?  Perhaps these two instructors will help you make up your mind as to which workshop you are going to take at this year’s conference.  To be completely honest, these are two of my top picks.  Remember, time is running out, sign up today!

Spinning Spectacular!

Kate Larson’s workshop, Spinning Spectacular Knitting Yarns will have you spinning for joy!  Just learning about Kate Larson’s work and workshop, I couldn’t wait to learn more.   Reading Kate’s blog, there was a quote I stumbled upon that I loved,  “I have a fairly short list of things without which my life would be greatly diminished – such as sheep, tea, travel, textiles, and books (not necessarily in that order).” http://katelarsontextiles.com/

A bag full of sheep shearing ready to be spun.  Photo courtesy of KateLarsonTextiles.com.

Kate grew up on a farm and never left, at least not in heart.  Kate’s fiber journey has led her all over the world, from studying abroad in England for a year to receive a degree in Environmental Soil Chemistry, to a tour of textile traditions in Estonia.  Kate lives on her family’s farm of 6 generations today and keeps an ever-growing flock of Border Leicester sheep and teaches hand spinning and knitting regularly in central Indiana and all around the country.



Images of Kate’s freshly sheared sheep. Photo courtesy of KateLarsonTextiles.com.


Small Looms, BIG results

Susan Leveille will be teaching the workshop, Small Looms with BIG Results.  Have you ever sat at your loom and wished you could take your weaving outside on a beautiful summer day?  Well now you can with Susan’s weaving on the go workshop.

Susan Morgan Leveille has been weaving since age 9 thanks to her weaving mentor and great-aunt Lucy Morgan, a supporter, educator, and promoter of mountain weavers in Western North Carolina.  Susan loves to teach all her wonderful skills and tricks she has learned in her years of weaving, and over 35 years of teaching to anyone willing to learn.


Susan’s philosophy on weaving: “Acquire the basic principles of making cloth so that you can then play with color, texture, and structure and make each of those strands move through the cloth exactly the way you want it.  Then you have the ability to create the piece of textile that is in your imagination with the touch and feel that you were sure it would have, perfect for its intended purpose — just like other weavers have been doing for thousands of years.”

Visit Susan Morgan Leveille’s website, www.oaksgallery.net to learn more about Susan.

Guild of the Month!

Our guild of the month is Western North Carolina Fibers and Handweavers Guild nestled in the beautiful, quaint Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Back in 1974, an enthusiastic group of weavers from both North and South Carolina organized the guild which later became incorporated in 1976.  The guild today consists of over 100 weavers, dyers, spinners, and fiber artists that cover the gamut from novice to professional artists that are always welcoming newcomers and visitors.

This guild is highly active with a guild meeting on the second Saturday of every month from 10am until noon, as well as a generous offering of workshops sprinkled throughout the months.  Looking at their upcoming events, there are some great workshops that the Western North Carolina Fibers and Handweavers Guild are planning for 2013.  Some of their very exciting workshops include, How to Make the Yarn You Want with Martha Owen on March 9 & 10, Create an Appalachian Style Basket with Carla Filippelli on April 13 & 14, as well as a Shibori and Silk Organza Workshop on June 1 and Diversifying Your Warp Workshop on July 6 & 7 with Amy Putansu.  For more information on any of these listed workshops, please feel free to contact Western North Carolina Fibers and Handweavers Guild via email at info@wncfhg.org or visit their website, www.wncfhg.org.


Judi Jetson’s Homegrown Handspun which won the Earth Guild Award for Handspun Novelty Yarn as well as 1st place for Professional Spinning at the 2012 Blue Ridge Fiber Show.  Photo courtesy of WNCFHG.


The Western North Carolina Fibers and Handweavers Guild also sponsor study groups, participate in the Blue Ridge Fiber Show, and offer scholarships to their members for various fiber related classes.  They also publish a monthly newsletter updating all members of current guild activities and events, as well as promote exhibition and community service opportunities.  A very unique aspect to this guild is the highly extensive private library that the guild offers to their members for checkout.



Lynn Pollard’s Red Bamboo which won Best In Show at the 2012 Blue Ridge Fiber Show.  Photo courtesy of WNCFHG.






Next time you are in Western North Carolina, be sure to stop in and visit this active guild.  To learn more about them, visit their website, www.wncfhg.org.



Let’s Go Shopping!

Do you love the colors of this year’s Southeast Fiber Forum Conference?  So do we!  We love them so much that we are offering hand dyed yarns and hand dyed roving in the colors of the logo.  The 6 dyed yarn colors to choose from are Yummy, Luscious, Verdant, Mulberry, Paprika, and Butterscotch

There are also 6 hand dyed roving to choose from, which include Ivy Green, Melon Orange, Taupe, Melon, Blackberry, and Mountain

All of these are available for pre-order and can be picked up at the conference, but hurry!  All orders must be placed by March 15.  To place your orders and to check out the available colors follow this link!  http://sefiberforum.org/SFFAFiberOrder.pdf.  Also, don’t be surprised if you find an upcoming show and tell using all these wonderfully custom, hand dyed fibers in the near Southeast Fiber Forum future.

Keep our Fellow Fiber Artist in Your Thoughts and Prayers

We do have some very unfortunate news to pass on to you all this month.  Our beloved SFFA President, Judi Jetson has been hospitalized this past month, so please extend all your thoughts and prayers out to Judi and her family.  Although we are fortunate to have an extremely competent board, we will do our best to fill Judi’s shoes.  If you would like to send cards to Judi and her family, please send them to the following address

Handmade in America

Attention: Judi Jetson

125 S. Lexington Ave. Suite 101

                                                                          Asheville, NC 28801


Thanks for Stopping By!

Thanks again for stopping by everyone!  We’ll see you next month!  Remember, the 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference is just around the corner.  We can’t wait to see you all.

Happy Creating!

I love Felting!

Deanna Jannuzzi





December 2012 Blog

It’s the End of the Year Already?!

When people remind me that it is December 2012 – I think to myself, where did this year go?!  Can you believe this is the last post for the 2012 year?  Is it just me, or did this year fly by?

The Southeast Fiber Forum had a technological growth spurt this year.  We have started bi-monthly newsletters, updated our website, created a community calendar for your event announcements, and as you can tell, started a monthly blog!  Our goal is to reach as many members as possible through electronic and social media and I believe we have made leaps and bounds towards that goal.

Looking back over the year at all the wonderful events that have taken place in our community, I feel honored to be a part of your life.  Even when I can be corny, you still come back for more, so thank you! (Speaking of corny – I kid you not, this is one of my favorite jokes:  What did the macaroni say to the tomato?  Answer at bottom of post.)

What’s next to come in 2013?

After a year of amazing growth, what is in store for 2013?  I can definitely say one MAJOR event will be the 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference hosted by the Piedmont Fiber Guild from Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org).  It will be taking place at the prestigious Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN (http://arrowmont.org) on April 4-7, 2013.  Mark your calendars; it’s already on ours!

Remember, registration has begun and classes are filling up fast!  Make sure you reserve your spot today!  Just follow this link to the Southeast Fiber Forum website,  http://sefiberforum.org and click on the Class Details and Registration button

Each month, I write about a different instructor that is teaching at our 2013 conference to help you figure out exactly which class to take and help you get to know our teachers a little better.  But, to be completely honest, as the months go by and I write about each instructor, personally it makes it harder for me to choose just one class!  I myself am still perplexed as to which class I will be signing up for.  Just take Karen Donde’s class, Turned Beiderwand: One Threading, Multiple Structures Weaving workshop – just another class that I would be thrilled to take!

Turning things on its side in the World of Weaving

Karen Donde will be teaching Turned Beiderwand: One Threading, Multiple Structures at the conference and I for one am very excited about this!  Karen will be teaching how and why to turn a beiderwand draft (AND how to do this without a second warp beam).

Check out this link for some amazing samples!! http://www.cottonmillstudiosnc.com/karen-donde.html

: Karen Donde – from Sutherland Handweaving Website

Having an “unhealthy obsession with fabric” from a young age, Karen Donde began weaving in 1998 when she first saw an image of a woman seated at a loom.  That was all it took and instantly, Karen knew her next step.  Within a week, she was on a loom learning and there was no stopping her.

Karen now weaves limited-edition, one-of-a-kind and custom fiber art, clothing, and household textiles for sale.  Since 2004, Karen has been teaching beginner and intermediate weaving classes as well as various workshops.  In October of 2008, Karen earned a Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving-Level 1 from the Handweavers Guild of America.

Karen exhibits her work and is the resident weaving instructor at Sutherland Handweaving Studio http://www.sutherlandhandweaving.com/index.html in Asheville, NC’s River Arts District.  Go check out their website – the website alone is beautiful.  Karen also is pursuing a professional diploma from the Haywood Community College Professional Crafts-Fiber program.  She also holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and if you didn’t think she was busy enough as it was, she is also a regular writing contributor for Handwoven Magazine and its Weaving Today email newsletter as well as part of Handwoven’s Editorial Advisory Board.  Want a sample of her writing?  Visit her blog here: http://www.karendonde.blogspot.com/.

Karen Donde also is highly active with numerous weaving and fiber guilds that include, but are not limited to, the Western North Carolina Fibers/Handweavers Guild http://www.wncfhg.org/ and Textiles Study Guild, held at Handwoven in America in Asheville, NC http://www.handmadeinamerica.org/ .  I have been to both of these guild meetings and they are amazing.  If you are ever passing through Western North Carolina, I do highly recommend you visit each.  Karen has also served four years on the board of directors for the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association.

It is amazing what a photograph can do?  Karen Donde is a highly active fiber artist in our community thanks to that happy woman sitting at a loom.

Want to be the Guild of the Month?

Interested in becoming the next Guild of the Month?  It’s easy!  Just go to our website and register your guild with the Southeast Fiber Forum!!  Follow the link here, http://sefiberforum.org and click on MEMBERSHIP and choose either, JOIN SFFA or UPDATE MEMBERSHIP.

Also!!  If you already are a member of the Southeast Fiber Forum and it’s been a while since you have updated your guild information, shoot us an email with your most current president, contact information, and emails.  We look forward to hearing from you!! http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/Guild_Data.php

Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Happy Holidays everyone!!  The holidays are a time where people come together to share their love, support, friendship, and crafts with one another.  What do you share with others this time of year?  Do you bake cookies for your neighbors or coworkers, or host a holiday party for your friends and teach them one of your favorite afternoon crafts?  Perhaps it’s that you give to your local charity organizations?  Whatever it is, the spirit of giving is contagious, a characteristic of the holidays that I personally love.

Want to throw a craft oriented party but want to try something new?  Some of my favorite parties to go to are ornament exchanges, craft nights, and clothing swaps.  Here are some great tips to become the “hostess with the mostess” that’ll make your guests say, ‘We MUST do this again!’

Crafty Ornament Exchange

Host a craft ornament party for your friends and neighbors.  Have every guest bring a wrapped ornament that is either hand-made or under a certain price.  I always say $5 as a purchased ornament limit but feel free to set your own budget amount.


Some of the ornaments I made for ornament parties, gifts, and for my own tree.  Deanna Jannuzzi








An ornament my ceramic artist friend Lauren Rogers made me!  It’s a handmade book with a woven cover!  Deanna Jannuzzi




There are two ways to play this part and they are completely up to you.

1.      To choose which ornament is chosen, the person that pulled the #1 can go first and you go in ascending order, or whoever chose #12 can go first and go in descending order.  You can have each person open the gift as they take it or at the end all-together.

2   This way is called “Dirty Santa” which I have always found causes some spunkiness with the group (always in good fun of course).  Again, everyone chooses his or her number and the person with #1 goes first.  They can choose any ornament from the pile and must immediately open the ornament for all to see.  Then, the person that pulled number 2 can either choose from an unopened ornament OR they can steal the ornament that has already been opened.  If an ornament is stolen, the person the ornament was stolen from then chooses another ornament and opens it.  When an ornament is stolen, it cannot be directly stolen back that round, and an ornament can only be stolen up to 3 times.  The third time an ornament is stolen, it is out of the game and that last person keeps it permanently.  At the end of the game, after the last person goes, the first player that went could then either keep the ornament they are left with, or switch with anyone in the room.

: Another ornament I made for an ornament exchange – the marbleized ornaments were a HUGE hit and a ton of fun to make.  Just make sure you have cleanup ready BEFORE you start!  A mistake I only made once.  Deanna Jannuzzi




Switching it Up with Clothing Swaps!

Clothing Swaps are one of my new favorite kinds of get-togethers.  Whoever hosts the party can organize it around whatever theme or holiday, or throw a regular swap any day of the week.  Ask each guest to bring whatever they would like to exchange – no item is too silly and this is a wonderful way to rid your house of extra things that you may love, but never use.  Some ideas for items include but are definitely not limited to: clothing, shoes, dishes, household items, craft items, yarn, buttons, books, etc.  When everyone arrives, you can either organize items by what they are and everyone take what they like, or have each person pull an item out of their bags and play ‘Vanna White’ to see who would like the item.  At the end, whatever is left over, you can have guests take items for materials (I have gotten GREAT fabric for projects this way) or bring it to your local Salvation Army or donation center.  I also know a ton of people that have picked items for gifts.  The idea is basic, if you don’t use it, someone else will.

I have been to numerous kinds of clothing swaps, and one of my favorites was a Bedazzled Armageddon Clothing Swap (courtesy of my good friend Kate) where everyone brought an “end of the world” food or drink – like Doomsday Stew or The Plague Sangria, and an end of the world movie played in the background.  Kate said if it is the end of the world, we may as well go out in style.  We had a sewing machine ready as well as a brand new bedazzling machine and as we found items in each other’s piles, we made alterations right there and then.  It was a wonderful night.


The smorgasbord of doomsday goodies at my friend Kate’s Bedazzled Armageddon Clothing Swap party.

Fun Add-On’s to Any Party

Host your party as a potluck, which promises to fill a room with a smorgasbord of delightful goodies.  You can have each person bring a recipe card for the dish they bring and it can become a recipe exchange as well!

Add a craft event to the party!  Either organize a craft for the group to do together, or ask each guest to bring something they’re working on to the party for while you’re having your get-together.

Sharing is Caring!

My niece loves this phrase, “Sharing is Caring” and uses it most often if you’re eating chocolate.  Looking for ways to give back?  Here are some great sites to check out…  http://www.indiegogo.com, http://feedingamerica.org, http://www.kickstarter.com, http://nokidhungry.org, and http://www.artsusa.org are just a few.

Joke time!

So, what did the macaroni say to the tomato?

Don’t go getting saucy on me!!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful year and from all of us at Southeast Fiber Forum, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!  We will see you in 2013!!


Deanna’s Christmas Tree



Happy creating to you all!

Deanna Jannuzzi






Welcome November!


WOW!  What a crazy time it is right now!!  Any minute now, the winner of the 2012 Presidential Campaign will be announced, the Northeast coast was hit by the Super-storm Sandy (to everyone affected, I wish you all well, your power back on, and a swift recovery), and we have the all-American holiday, Thanksgiving just around the corner.  This truly is a time to give thanks for all of our blessings.  Life is exciting and knows how to keep us on our toes, that’s for sure.


Fiber Fairs

Last month I asked everyone to try and participate in a local fiber event.  Thanks to some fun photos from my friend Kate (who’s number in my phone is listed as “Kate Knitter”) I bring you to the WNC Fiber Fair!






I’d love to see some photos you took from your adventures – be sure to share in the comments at the end of the Blog

2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference

Who better to give thanks to, than the host of this year’s 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference, the Piedmont Fiber Guild from Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org) and Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN for housing us (http://arrowmont.org).  The conference will take place April 4-7, 2013, be sure to save the date!

Registration has begun and classes are filling up fast!  Make sure you reserve your spot today!  Just follow this link to the Southeast Fiber Forum website, http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/Detailsandregistration.html.

Be sure to check out all the different classes we have.  Are you curious about the different instructors for the classes?  We are highlighting a different instructor in each month’s blog post, such as Becky Walker who will be teaching her class, Rug in A Tub.

Rug in A Tub?  How FUN!

For all you wool workers, hold on to your roving!  Becky Walker will be teaching her Rug in A Tub workshop!

Becky Walker learned how to knit early in her life and realized, that was just the beginning.  Becky being a fellow “critter person” very quickly realized, there was no way around it, she needed to have sheep in her life.  She first started venturing into a little spinning and weaving, however Becky realized she had a hard time sitting still.  When she stumbled upon felt making, she knew it was the right fit – anything that combines creativity and physical activity is the perfect combination.  (Becky is a woman after my own heart.)


Copyright Deanna Jannuzzi

A few classes and a lot of experience have helped Becky to develop her own, unique method of producing utilitarian artwork.  Over 10 years Becky has taught numerous workshops and classes for both adults and children.  Becky feels that felt making is accessible and artistically satisfying to almost anyone of any age.


Copyright  John C. Campbell Folk School

Time for the GUILD OF THE MONTH!

I know I let the cat out of the bag last month, but here they are!  The Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild from Williamsburg, Virginia!

Beginning Weavers2012

Demonstration at State Fair


The Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild is an educational organization formed in 1986 to foster interest in spinning, weaving, and all related fiber arts, and to encourage the exchange of information and inspiration among members and the greater community and region at large.  The guild consists of about 35 members and the members travel from Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, on the middle peninsula and northern necks of Virginia.  They welcome anyone and all that are interested in spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, etc, to join or at least stop by.  The Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild meets monthly at 10am on the third Monday at their local community center.  Visit their website for more information, www.williamsburgspinweave.org.  Their meetings consist of a little business, a little show & tell, and whichever program they have scheduled for that month.  This month’s program will be “Perforated Paper Weaving” led by Micki Decker.  Be sure to bring your own scissors!!

Felted faces

Other programs offered by the Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild were the Felted Faces workshop (check out some wonderful results in the Felted Faces image), Cotton, Wool, and Flax workshops, and Button Making workshops.


Last fall, the Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild paired up with the Richmond and Albemarle Handweavers Guilds to bring Jennifer Moore to the area and have her present FOUR different workshops while in Virginia!!  In March, Robin Russo presented Intermediate Spinning and Kumihimo Workshops.  The Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild are currently in the planning states with the Albemarle Handweavers Guild for another fun-filled workshop in June 2013 – so make sure you check their website for information coming soon and mark your calendars!  These folks know how to throw a workshop.

Kumihimo Workshop

his past April, they sponsored a beginning weaving class and hope to offer a beginners spinning class in the near future.  The Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild are a busy bunch that are constantly searching new opportunities to share their passion for fibers with others.








Wlliamsburg Farmer’s Market                                                  Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show

Pictures in this section Copyright Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild

Want to be the Guild of the Month?

Interested in becoming the next Guild of the Month?  It’s easy!  Just go to our website and register your guild with the Southeast Fiber Forum!!  Follow the link here, http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/index.html and click on MEMBERSHIP and choose either, JOIN SFFA or UPDATE MEMBERSHIP.

Also!!  If you already are a member of the Southeast Fiber Forum and it’s been a while since you have updated your guild information, shoot us an email with your most current president, contact information, and emails.  We look forward to hearing from you!! http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/membershipupdate9.php

What Are YOU Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s easy to start thinking about what we are thankful for.  So, loyal SE Fiber Forum Blog Readers, what are you thankful for?

I know I’m thankful for all of you and the wonderful community we share.  I’m also thankful for all my teachers, especially Robin Haller, Christine Zoller, and Rachel Mills – three amazingly influential women that I would not be the artist I am today without them, and for all the quirky happenings of everyday life that keep me inspired!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Christine Zoller (on left) and Robin Haller (on right) with the Ikat woven scarves that a group of us made for them


Happy creating to you all!

Deanna Jannuzzi











October Blog



Are You Having A SPOOKTACULAR October?

Happy October everyone! Welcome back. Thank you everyone for your patience on this month’s post – as everyone knows, October is a VERY busy month for the arts and crafts world – especially the fiber community. With the cool crisp in the air and the crunch beneath your feet, who doesn’t want to snuggle up in an afghan with a book and tea or put on your favorite scarf and hat while you go for a stroll and enjoy the show the trees put on this time of year? It seems as though fiber arts and autumn have fused into a beautiful union.

2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference

With all this talk about warm and fuzzies, that brings us to why we’re really here… what our common thread is. The 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum of course! Registration has begun! Can you believe how quickly it is approaching?! April 4-7, 2013 will be here sooner than you know it and you will want to make sure you sign up for the class you want now, because registration is BOOMING this year! Make sure you reserve your spot by following the link to the Southeast Fiber Forum website, http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/Detailsandregistration.html. At this link, you can review all the different classes we are offering and each of their instructors, as well as the lodging and class registration. Hurry before your first choice class is booked up!

Speaking of Classes…

Thought you knew exactly which class you were going to register for? Well this class and instructor will have you thinking twice! Dianne Totten will be teaching her famous Crimp and Createworkshop. This workshop will teach about creating beautifully crafted “crimped cloth” on-loom by using various woven shibori techniques in both the warp and weft and then how to use the fabric for your own creations! Even when washed, the fabric still holds its memory and shape. Personally, I think that sounds fabulous!

Weft Shibori Copyright Dianna Totten



Dianne Totten has been a weaver for 30 years and a teacher for 15. By utilizing woven shibori techniques, Dianne creates beautifully woven fabric that she calls “crimp cloth”. One phenomenon about Dianne’s “crimp cloth” is that even when it is washed, the cloth retains its shape. Pairing her unique, one-of-a-kind crimp cloths with her expert sewing skills, Dianne creates stunning garments.

Weft Shibori Copyright Dianne Totten

Dianne’s award-winning work has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Her most recent award was received when Vävmagazine awarded Dianne Totten “Best in Show” for her jacket, Garden Party. This jacket has also won “Peoples’ Choice” Award, MidWest Weavers Conference, 2011: The JOY of Weaving Exhibit, sponsored by Just Our Yarns, as well as “Pacific Currents” Runway Fashion Show, Convergence 2012. She has also been published in SS&D, Handwoven, and Weavers.

Copyright Dianne Totten

Copyright Dianne Totten









Dianne also teaches at John C. Campbell Folk School in NC as well as workshops all around the country. To learn more about Dianne or to see more of her beautiful fabrics and pieces of art, visit her website. http://diannetottenhandwovens.com/

See, I told you this class would make you think twice.

Dianne Totten’s handwoven Samles
Copyright Dianne Totten



Time for the GUILD OF THE MONTH!


This month, I want to say an extra special thank you to this month’s guild of the month. I will say this is one guild you can count on! The guild of the month for October 2012 goes to the Tennessee Valley Handspinners Guild.

Tennessee Valley Handspinners Guild 2011,

The Tennessee Valley Handspinners Guild (TVH) was formed as a direct result of classes taught at Arrowmont in the late 1960’s and 70’s. One of the members of the TVH, Penny Tschantz, recently detailed their guild’s history, which has been published to their website. http://www.tnvalleyhandspinners.com/p/guild-history.html. You can find it along with more general information about the TVH guild at tnvalleyhandspinners.com.  A picture of a TVH charter member Dale Liles, who took classes with Persis Grayson at Arrowmont, is also included in the attachments. What wonderful history!


Charter member
Dale Liles



The Tennessee Valley Handspinners meet on the first Saturday of each month and hold an annual holiday potluck in December as well as a Roc Day celebration in January. The TVH guild stays active year round with numerous workshops and programs. The TVH guild just completed a multi-month special program series on fiber preparation with hand carders and drum carders. They also are looking forward to SAFF and Fiber in the Boro later this month.

This year, the Tennessee Valley Handspinners guild held a special focus on instructional programs. Some of those topics include rigid heddle weaving, an introduction to weaving series, and crock-pot dying. The guild also held a Scarf Challenge last year and created a video that features the different entries submitted from the challenge. Check out the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3Qq1TYxXJWY#! It’s a great showcase of beautiful scarf pieces. Be sure to check it out!

Another place you can find the Tennessee Valley Handspinners is at the annual Knoxville Opera’s Rossini Festival, which is a fun, Italian themed street fair held each spring in downtown Knoxville.









  These pictures from the Rossini Festival are Thumbnails. Click on them to enlarge



All pictures in this section copyright Tennessee Valley Handspinners

I want to send a very special thanks to the Tennessee Valley Handspinners Guild for all their help. This is a guild you can count on!


A Special Thanks to NEXT Month’s Guild of the Month

Next month’s Guild of the Month will be the Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild and I am announcing this now because they are another guild that you can count on! A special thanks to them for helping us out in a pinch, thank you. www.williamsburgspinweave.org


Want to be the Guild of the Month?

Interested in becoming the next Guild of the Month? It’s easy! Just go to our website and register your guild with the Southeast Fiber Forum!! Follow the link here, http://sefiberforum.org and click on MEMBERSHIP and choose either, JOIN SFFA or UPDATE MEMBERSHIP.

Also!! If you already are a member of the Southeast Fiber Forum and it’s been a while since you have updated your guild information, shoot us an email with your most current president, contact information, and emails. We look forward to hearing from you!! http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/membershipupdate9.php

Let’s make a Community Goal – Get out and EXPLORE YOUR COMMUNITY!!!

October is such a craft filled month where we are surrounded by craft shows, art festivals, and more fairs than our hearts could desire. Living in Asheville, NC, I literally step into a festival or art fair every time I leave my home; how fortunate can one get! The community here is so strong in arts and crafts and the tone of the area screams LOCAL – it’s a fiber dream come true. I hope everyone gets a chance to explore at least one art festival, fair, or craft show this month – it could be our community goal. If you life in a place that isn’t as art prominent or just don’t know where to go yet, here is a website with some great arts and crafts festivals for all the states. http://artsandcraftshows-usa.com/October%202012.shtml

Get out there and support each other! I would love to hear all about each of your ventures and explorations this month. Feel free to share your outing adventures below!

Thank you again for stopping by!

Happy creating to you all!

Deanna Jannuzzi


September Blog


Happy Fall Y’All!

Anyone that knows me personally will look at that header and laugh. I have only said “Y’all” once and that was when I moved to North Carolina when I was 10 years old and, trying to fit in, shouted to my entire family, “Let’s go y’all”. My younger brother looked at me in all sincerity and said, “Y’all? Who the heck is Y’all?” He had thought I was talking to someone that was named Y’all and was utterly confused.

It is amazing how quickly summer evaporated right before our very eyes. Fall is slowly creeping upon us, with the slightest bit of changing leaves, cooler nights, shorter days, and now Labor day has come and gone. Our days of wearing white are over according to politically correct individuals – a rule that I never understood and also never listened to… I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are as excited about autumn approaching as I am.

2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference

I know I repeat this EVERY post, but I do it because we are all human and life happens so fast, and it can very easily slip our mind to register for an event we look forward to. What event you may ask? (only if you are joining us for the first time) THE SOUTHEAST FIBER FORUM CONFERENCE on APRIL 4 – 7, 2013 held at the wonderful Arrowmont campus in Gatlinburg, TN (www.arrowmont.org) hosted by the Piedmont Fiber Guild of Gastonia, NC (www.piedmontfiberguild.org). Make sure you register for this exciting event!

Just to intrigue you even more about this amazing event, the photos about this month’s instructor come from the 2011 conference, where I took the photos during one of the demonstrations given by the ever so talented, LIZ SPEAR! Just imagine, you could have a guest instructor pop in to one of your classes as well!! Two instructors for the price of one?!

Liz Spear – a weaving MACHINE!

The September instructor of the month goes to Liz Spear, a woman I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2011 conference. Believe me, when I say she is a weaving machine, I mean she puts some of the looms at the mill I work at to shame. Liz Spear regularly weaves a couple hundred yards of fabric in one go – which suits her quite well since she has evolved into a production weaver and garment designer, among several other things. The list of tools in Liz’s tool belt goes on and on, from production ceramic potter and nuno-felter, to even woodworker.

Liz Spear talking to Geri Forkner’s What’s New with Nuno-Feltingclass at the 2011 Conference about how she integrates nuno-felted pieces into her garments. PHOTO CREDIT: Deanna Jannuzzi

However, what she is very well known for is her production yardage she weaves and the garments she designs and constructs herself.

A model showing one of Liz Spear’s garments she hand wove, felted, and constructed.

Photo Credit: donated photo found on web





The garments Liz weaves and constructs are timeless, classic pieces that are unique, yet sophisticated. She has been a full-time studio craftsman for over 30 years and has been based in Western North Carolina since 1992. Liz has developed a line of hand-woven clothing marketed through the Southern Highlands Craft Guild, Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc. and Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild. The course Liz will be teaching at the Conference is Sewing Your Hand-woven Fabric and I promise you, she is the woman to take this type of course with.

Liz Spear talking to Geri Forkner’s What’s New with Nuno-Felting class at the 2011 Conference about how she integrates nuno-felted pieces into her garments. The nuno-felted piece she is showing happens to be part of the garment she constructed above.Photo Credit: Deanna Jannuzzi


On Liz’s website, you can read all about her history and how she has evolved into the artist she is today. I promise you, it is worth the read. (www.lizspearhandwoven.com/history.html)


Time for the GUILD OF THE MONTH!

The guild of the month for September 2012 goes to, The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild (GBFG) from Birmingham, Alabama! Congratulations!! The GBFG has a long and rich history in Birmingham and are fortunate enough to still have one of their original members, Pia Cuisick, long-time shepherdess, weaver, knitter, and hand-spinner. They also have an Alabama state representative in their guild, Debbie Scott. This Handweavers Guild of America represents all fiber interests, whether it is weaving, knitting, or bobbin lace.


Barbara Tucker, Birmingham guild member on the inkle loom!

PHOTO CREDIT: The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild




The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild is a very busy and community involved guild that welcomes all visitors and newcomers. In 1997, they hosted the Southeast Fiber Forum Conference and hold workshops regularly. One of their recent workshops included Carol H. Rhoades on Swedish Bohus and Lovikka Knitting and Hand-spinning Fin Sheep Wool for knitting. Carol has been featured numerous times in Spin-Off and teacher at SOAR, what a treat! Other workshops the GBFG has held include workshops by Rita Buchanan, Ceilia Quinn, and Laura Fry and programs about dyeing sock blanks, dyeing fibers, and felting. This guild doesn’t mind getting messy and learning anything fiber related

With all that weaving and spinning, we had to make soap!

PHOTO CREDIT: The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild



Once a month on Wednesdays, a spinning group meets and on the 2nd Thursday of the month, a knitting group meets. They have a monthly meeting that is held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at a local church. One of their upcoming programs is the Viking knit – wireworks bracelet program, where they will be weaving wire to create something that mimics a knit stitch. Another is a Rug Hooking program, something that many guild members are looking forward to!


A tisket, a tasket, a new fiber basket!

PHOTO CREDIT: The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild



You can find the GBFG out and about throughout the year, especially at the annual Alabama Fiber Guild gatherings held in late Spring – this is a chance for guilds from different regions to get together, including the West Alabama Fiber Guild in Tuscaloosa, DeSoto Fiber Guild in Gadsden, Cullman Fiber Guild and Huntsville Fiber Guild, Southeast Fiber Enthusiasts in Montgomery and fiber people from Mobile and Auburn, Alabama. You can also spot them at SAFF and Spin-In Destin, as well as local schools and re-enactments to further the interest and education of fiber arts in the Birmingham, Alabama area. To learn more about this amazing fiber guild, please visit their website. (http://www.birminghamfiberguild.org/)


Nancy Clemmons at the Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop

PHOTO CREDIT: The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild



What Inspires You? Time to Share!!

Autumn has always been a time of pure inspiration for me. I have always felt it was a time where the Earth showed us her true colors and revealed her secrets by painting the landscape in wild hues. This has always been a time of the year that holds fond memories for me and one of the central themes I find inspiration in is, leaves. Below is one of the pieces I created where I was inspired by the memories of fall.

Remember Our Picnic Lunches, 2011. Mixed Media Installation by Deanna Jannuzzi

PHOTO CREDIT: Deanna Jannuzzi; image under copyright.

Loyal readers, I am interested in what inspires you? In the comments below, please leave your favorite inspirations autumn offers, and together perhaps we can see something we have never seen before. Share your inspiration in writing or imagery. This will be fun for everyone; I know I am excited to learn about what inspires you.

Thank you again for stopping by!

Happy creating to you all!


Deanna Jannuzzi





Southeast Fiber Forum August Blog

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Summer Is In Full Swing!!

As summer rages on, people try and squeeze a vacation into their schedules, steal a moment to enjoy a cool drink with friends, or commodore the last inflatable in the local swimming hole.  Time seems to evaporate as the days pass and I ask everyone to take a moment to stop and appreciate the little things.  Listen to the sounds of the summer.  Notice the warm breeze dance through the trees and across your feet.  Take these moments as your own and cherish them.  Let them spark inspiration in your mind and heart; let them guide you.

With the hustle of summer, it is easy to let time slip by.  This is why we once again remind you about the upcoming Southeast Fiber Forum on April 4 – 7, 2013 at the historical Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN (www.arrowmont.org).  The gracious host to the upcoming conference is the Piedmont Fiber Guild in Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org).  Make sure you all mark your calendars.  This year’s conference will surely be one to remember.  Make sure your memberships are up to date and pack your bags!  If you still need to join the Fiber Forum, don’t worry.  Head to our website and for a one time amount of $5.00, you can be a lifetime member!  Guilds make sure you’ve paid your yearly dues as well at www.sefiberforum.org.

On our website, you will also notice that we have scholarship applications for this year’s conference.  We are looking for 10 people to assist our instructors at the 2013 conference and you can fill out an application by going to http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/scholarshipapp.html.  I was fortunate enough to assist Geri Forkner in her Nuno Felting course at the 2011 Conference at Arrowmont and it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.  I highly recommend it to anyone eligible; I promise you will never forget it.  If you want to see the potential teachers you would be assisting, go to our instructors list and read about the different classes. http://sefiberforum.org/maurice/instructorlist.html

Perfect fit, the Easy Way

The perfect fit, the easy way – if only life always offered this as an option!   Thanks to our wonderful instructor Jane Prater, we at least have this option when talking about knitting garments and fitting them. Jane will be teaching the course – The Perfect Fit, The Easy Way. 

Jane Prater declares that since birth, she has been teaching something to someone – a true teacher at heart.  Teaching knitting is her greatest joy.  Whether she is teaching a workshop or class, or updating her blog Merely a Suggestion from JPKnits – Musings of a Knitting Anarchist (http://merelyasuggestion.wordpress.com/) with a new, free knitting pattern, Jane has fibrous insight ready to offer a hand.  The line of free patterns she offers through her blog begins with the goal of teaching new techniques while creating fun projects.  Her philosophy about teaching is taken from Elizabeth Zimmerman – Relax, it’s just string!!!  A good mantra I do agree. 

Jane has learned from many of the world’s great designers and from her international travels where she journeys to study knitting cultures.  She is an expert on fit, problem solving, and creative frogging.  No matter your learning style, you will find Jane’s classes fun-filled and frustration-free.  Visit her blog to learn more about Jane, find out when her upcoming workshops or classes are, or take a look at her patterns.  Jane is also featured in Knitcircus magazine.

August 2012 Guild of the Month!

The August Guild of the Month goes to the Handweavers Guild of Nashville!  Congratulations!!  Founded in 1974, a guild of 60 or so members throughout the middle of Tennessee and ranging as far as Kentucky and northern Alabama, the Handweavers Guild of Nashville exists to preserve the historic craft of hand weaving, and to promote and teach hand weaving to current and future generations.  The Handweavers Guild of Nashville is affiliated with Handweavers Guild of America at www.weavespindye.org.  The guild holds meetings the third Saturday of the month, September through May.  

These fiber folks are busy bees when it comes to spreading their love and knowledge of weaving.  They hold meetings the third Saturday of the month, September through May featuring a various program on fiber arts.  The Handweavers Guild of Nashville also sponsor several workshops throughout the year, taught by nationally recognized teachers, as well as by the Guild’s very own members.  Visit their website to learn when these workshops are, http://www.handweaverstn.org/.  Fortunately for you, there are some great workshops coming up very soon.


August 11 – 12, there will be the First Ever Handweavers Guild of Nashville Fiber Retreat! from 10:00 – 4:30 at Brentwood Trace.  Join them for a weekend of fiber fun, encouragement, and inspiration.  Bring whatever you want to work on.  Feel free to stop by both days, or just for a few hours.  Either way, they would love to have you!

On September 15 from 10:00 – 4:30 at Brentwood Trace, they are also having a workshop: Weave A Paper Basket with Judy Anderson.  Judy Anderson will teach how to construct a hexagonal basket using paper.  This program is free to all members.

Beyond these workshops and guild meetings, the guild is also active in the community by demonstrating their craft locally and regionally at schools, scout groups, historic sites and craft fairs.  A unique demonstration was offered August 22, 2009 at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville.  Visit Fiber to Fabric on their website for more information (we know you have to, the curiosity will torment you if you don’t…) http://www.handweaverstn.org/fibertofabric.html.




For more information on the Handweavers Guild of Nashville, please contact info@handweaverstn.org.  You can also visit them on Facebook at Handweavers Guild of Nashville https://www.facebook.com/groups/154150477928763/.



Interested in being the Guild of the Month?

If your guild is interested in being featured as a Guild of the Month, make sure your guild becomes a member of the Southeast Fiber Forum!  By joining our membership or renewing your membership annually you will ensure your guild to get a chance to be featured!

Life Happens In The Blink of An Eye

Life happens in the blink of an eye, this is an inevitable fact.  So, make the most out of each day.  All of those projects that we put on the back burner and save for a rainy day, pull them out and start them even if the sun is shining!  If you have a bucket list of tasks or things you wish to experience, start experiencing them.  Go out and explore!  Challenge yourself; take a class you’ve always wanted to take.  I leave you with a quote that I love to read each and every morning,

This is the beginning of a new day.  You have been given this day to use as you will; you can waste it or use it for good.  What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.  When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind… Let it be something good.   ~Anonomous.

Now go out there and make things happen!  Get crafty!

Happy Creating!

Thank you again for joining us for this month’s post.  You all make this possible.  Remember, if you have any upcoming events that you want to share with the fiber nation, please add it to our calendar!  Also, you will notice that our website has been freshened up thanks to our Webmaster Maurice Blackburn.

Again, this is all for you, so thank you.  Together, we can unite the fiber world!

Happy Creating!!

Deanna Jannuzi


Deanna Jannuzzi with a hand-woven fabric that she printed a cyanotype on.  Copyrights reserved by Deanna Jannuzzi.

Southeast Fiber Forum July Blog



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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!!  I hope you are all staying as cool as possible and indulging in all the festivities summer offers us.  Welcome back to the Southeast Fiber Forum Blog, a place where you’re always cool no matter how hot it is outside!  (Okay, I know it was a little corny, but I thought it might bring a smile to your faces.)

Our next Southeast Fiber Forum Conference is April 4 – 7, 2013 and it is being held at the wonderful Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN (www.arrowmont.org).  This year’s conference host is the Piedmont Fiber Guild in Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org); DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THE DATE!  It’s going to be a wonderful conference, full of inspiring teachers and tons of goodies to buy.

Don’t fret, if you’re not a member of the Fiber Forum yet, you can always join on our website at www.sefiberforum.org.  It is only $5.00 for a lifetime membership!  While you’re on our website, you can also check out our full list of instructors that will be teaching at the 2013 Conference.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  The hardest thing will be to decide on which class to take!

Speaking of Instructors… This one is as unique as the chairs he designs.


Walt Turpening is our featured instructor for this month and if you have never seen his work, I promise you, it will blow you away.  Always a conversation piece, Walt Turpening designs custom cord-woven weaver’s benches, chairs, and stools that will make your jaw drop.

Walt Turpening has been a hobby woodworker since the late 1970’s and since then, has refined his craft.  He started developing his design for the cord woven benches in 1992 and has been making custom benches, stools, and chairs since 1997.  Follow this link to see his amazing craft, http://www.custommade.com/by/walterturpeningbsc/ or come to the conference to see his work in person.  Walt regularly shows his work all over the United States, some of the shows include the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair and Handweavers Guild of America.

Like many of our instructors, there is much beyond Walt’s fiber surface.  Before Walt was making custom woven furniture, he was a geophysicist in the oil industry for 25 years as both a president and co-founder of a geophysical service company.  He also has a BA degree in physics-mathematics from Oakland University in Michigan, as well as a MS degree in geology – geophysics from Michigan State University.

Walt will be teaching the class, Weaving A Bench.  Not only will you be lucky to see his beautiful custom creations, but you will be able to learn about their construction as well as how to create your own masterpieces.  Must have a Walt Turpening original?  Follow the link to his website to order your own. http://www.custommade.com/by/walterturpeningbcs/


All three pictures of Walt and his seats Copyright 2012 CustomMade Ventures Corp. All Rights reserved



July 2012 Guild of the Month!

The Guild of the month for July is the Peachtree Handspinners Guild in Stone Mountain, Georgia!  Congratulations!!

Coming from the beautiful state of Georgia, the Peachtree Handspinners Guild has been an active guild for 27 years.  Organized in 1985 with 13 members, the Peachtree Handspinners now has around 100 members.  When asked who they are and what the guild’s purpose is, the members proudly quote the first part of their guild by-laws, ”The Peachtree Handspinners Guild is… dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the art of handspinning, to the promoting of interest in spinning through education, and to providing instruction and social life in spinning”.  When the guild was first organized, this was the very first statement used to describe themselves, and to this day, it still sums them up.  The members of the Peachtree Handspinners Guild also knit, crochet, and weave, but what truly brings them together month after month is their deep-rooted passion for spinning

Kim Wall spinning at the Georgia Renaissance Festival



The Peachtree Handspinners Guild is an extremely active guild that devotes their time year long to sharing their knowledge and skills to teach spinners (both old and new) ways to improve their craft.  The guild participates not only in their monthly meetings, but also by demonstrating at schools, festivals, and historical sites.  They celebrated their 26th year at the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year by spinning all 19 days of the festival.  Other festivals you can catch the Peachtree Handspinners at are: the Dogwood Festival, the Celtic and Old English Festival, Georgia National Fair, even the Booth Museum and Biltmore Estates!  This guild knows no limits when it comes to sharing their love of fibers and spinning knowledge with the public!

Gene Lurwig taught 2 classes in building a little great wheel from parts you can buy at a hardware store




 Emily Waldroup demonstrating at a Sheep to Shawl at Tullie Smith Farm at Atlanta Historical Center



The Peachtree Handspinners also host their own retreats where people can learn various crafts, including: Bobbin lace fun, plying, dyeing, and weaving.  Each retreat is just as unique as the members that make up this guild.

Retreats are mostly a time for sitting and spinning, but they love to tell stories, laugh, and eat great food!

The Peachtree Handspinners Guild invites everyone and anyone to visit their meetings.  Wherever the Peachtree folks gather, there will be guaranteed fun!  Make sure you join them sometime; bring your wheel, your knitting, or whatever you might want to work on, and you will see.

For more information, newsletters, and meeting times, visit their website. http://peachtreehandspinnersguild.org/

Photographs in this section courtesy of Peachtree Handspinners Guild.

Interested in being the Guild of the Month?

If your guild is interested in being featured as a Guild of the Month, make sure your guild becomes a member of the Southeast Fiber Forum!  By joining our membership or renewing your membership annually you will ensure your guild to get a chance to be featured!

Surprise!  A Call for Entries!

My mentors always tell me, “Put yourself out there!”  So, here is a great opportunity to present your work to the public!  July has a surprise Call for Entries – Project Handmade, but hurry!  The deadline is July, 15, 2012!  Project Handmade Fashion Show Highlights Contemporary Designs by Local Makers.

Textile artists and fashion designers working within a 100-mile radius of Asheville, NC are invited to submit entries by JULY 15, 2012, for Project Handmade, a fashion show dedicated to showcasing contemporary garments made with traditional handcrafted detail using local materials.  To read more about Project Handmade and to enter, go to their website: www.projecthandmade.org.

Stay Cool and Get Crafty!

The heat wave we all have been experiencing sure has kicked summer off to a hot start!  I foresee many dog days ahead with weather making us all want to stay inside, and what better excuse to stay inside, but a great, inspiring project waiting for us.  So, allow your imagination to brew and start creating!

Happy Creating!

Thank you again for joining us for this month’s post.  You all make this possible.  Remember, if you have any upcoming events that you want to share with the fiber nation, please add it to our calendar!  Also, you will notice that our website has been freshened up thanks to our Webmaster Maurice Blackburn.

Again, this is all for you, so thank you.  Together, we can unite the fiber world!

Happy Creating!

Deanna Jannuzzi

Deanna Jannuzzi dyeing!


Southeast Fiber Forum June Blog






Welcome back to the Southeast Fiber Forum.  Wishing you only the loveliest of blooms in your area!  If you are not yet a member, visit our website and join.  www.sefiberforum.org  It is a mere $5.00 for a lifetime membership!  You can’t beat that!

Our next, and much anticipated Southeast Fiber Forum Conference is April 4-7, 2013 and it will be held at the bustling Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN (www.arrowmont.org) hosted by the Piedmont Fiber Guild in Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org).  Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE!

It is going to be a wonderful conference with exciting workshops, fashion shows, and speakers!  To see the list of teachers in full, visit our website.  Oh, and don’t forget the shopping!  Everyone will be sure to find something they can’t resist at the vendor shops.

Felting, Shibori, and… Raptors?

The list of teachers at this year’s conference offers a great source of diversity! Our instructor Vicki Bennett wears a coat of many colors, as you will learn.  Vicki will be teaching the class, Taking it to the Edge; Felted Vessels and Creative Edges.



Vicki Bennett has been tangled in the fiber arts web since she first joined the Ann Arbor Handweavers Guild at the age of19.  While raising a family, practicing as a psychologist, and working at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Vicki sought out ways to learn about the fiber world.  While living in Chicago, she was fortunate to study with Akemi Cohen, a master in nuno felting and traditional Japanese shibori dyeing.  Vicki learned that through the disciplined approach of Japanese techniques and her own earthy love of all things wool, her passion for felt making had been etched into her life for good.

Vicki Bennett is a woman on the go!  Part of the year she lives in Fairview, NC where she teaches both nuno and laminated felting, as well as 3-Dimensional vessel craft making.  The other part of the year, she lives in St. Petersburg, FL where she teaches at the Morean Arts Center, as well as other community venues.

Keeping plenty busy, she exhibits and sells her work at the Florida Craftsmen Gallery.  When she’s not tangled up with wool, she works with raptors in a permanent rehabilitation facility, caring for and educating the public about them.  When you see her at the conference, feel free to ask her about this fascinating project!

To learn more about Vicki Bennett, go to her website: www.tangledupinwool.com


Sign up for her class to learn felt making and how to create felted vessels with unique and creative edges.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


June’s Guild of the Month!

June’s guild of the month is the Huntsville Fiber Guild (HFG) from Huntsville, Alabama!  Congratulations!

In 1977, six highly energetic women with a dream to spread their love of fiber arts with the community, established the Huntsville Fiber Guild (HFG).  Only a year after the HFG held their first weaving workshop with Ruth Truett, the guild grew to 40 members and has averaged that number with highly active members ever since!  The HFG is also a member of the Handweavers Guild of America.

The third Saturday of every Month, the HFG holds a meeting, each time in a different place in Huntsville, Alabama.  At their meetings, the members share their various fiber skills with each other and the public.  Twice a year, the HFG host events open to the public; the Roc Day Spinning Celebration is in January and in May, the HFG holds demonstrations at the Panoply arts festival in Huntsville, AL.  You will also find members of the guild teaching at the local senior centers and public libraries.

Guild Members demonstrating at the May Panoply Festival 2012. Copyright and courtesy of Huntsville Fiber Guild.


These folks are busy spreading their love of fibers with their community!  Just some of the fiber arts the members of the Huntsville Fiber Guild enjoy include, spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, lace making, and dyeing.  HFG members are like sponges, always eager to learn and experiment; they actively seek new fiber techniques and processes.  They make a conscious effort to vary the topics for their programs and workshops each year to further grow their guild and community in the fiber realm.

Last year, they learned about garment construction with Daryl Lancaster (http://www.daryllancaster.com/index.html) and experimented with Geri Forkner with nuno felting (http://www.weavingschool.com/).  They also held programs on natural dyeing, making cordage from natural fibers, color, and spinning.

Guild Members learning natural dye techniques and how to work with natural fibers. Copyright and courtesy of Huntsville Fiber Guild.


The Huntsville Fiber Guild also actively participates with other guilds in the state and the south.  Members attend the annual Alabama Fiber Gathering Picnic and work closely with the newly formed Cullman Fiber Guild.  (Learn more about the Cullman Fiber Guild by going to their website: http://cullmanfiber.tumblr.com/).

Just like the Huntsville Fiber Guild’s founding members, the guild is still a highly energetic, active, and friendly group consisting of both men and women who are passionate about all things fiber and will never stop in their quest to learn more and pass it on.  The HFG welcomes new members and visitors of all skill levels.

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 10:00 am, the HFG is hosting an Identifying Local Plants for Making Cordage & Potluck Picnic at the Green Mountain Nature Trail.  Be sure to join them!!  You can find more information on their website. http://sites.google.com/site/hsvfiber/ or contact them at hsvfiber@gmail.com.

Let the Summer Inspire you!

How quickly time flies!  Summer is here and there are signs of life everywhere.  Warm porch weather gets people inspired; whether it be the buzzing of bugs, the splash from the local watering hole, or the long summer nights talking with friends.  Whatever it is that leads you to inspiration during this time of year, follow it with your heart.

Happy Creating!

Thank you everyone for stopping by for this month’s post!  As you will see, we have been going through some development on our site.  We are now on wordpress!  This change has allowed us to allow you to comment on our posts!  We would love to hear from you and graciously accept your feedback, thoughts, and any random ideas these posts may spawn.

Also, don’t forget our calendar!  Remember, this is for everyone.  Together, we can try and make a place to find anything and everything happening that’s fiber related in the south and when!  How exciting!  Well, we think it’s exciting at least and really hope you do too.

May the wind carry inspiration your way.

Happy Creating!!

Deanna Jannuzzi

Deanna Jannuzzi acid dyeing wool. Copyright and Courtesy of Deanna Jannuzzi



Back to the beginning

Deanna's Dye Pots

Southeast Fiber Forum May Blog


Welcome Back!

Happy May everyone!  Welcome back to the Southeast Fiber Forum Blog; I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away.  For those of you that are just joining us, you have found a fiber gold mine!

Each month, we highlight fiber programs and guilds in the Southeast region of the United States, as well as talk about who is teaching at the 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference. The upcoming Fiber Forum conference will be held April 4 – 7, 2013 at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, NC (http://www.arrowmont.org/) hosted by the Piedmont Fiber Guild from Gastonia, NC (http://piedmontfiberguild.org/).  Mark your calendars!!

Also, the list of teachers for the 2013 Conference is up on our homepage, see if first here http://sefiberforum.org/!

You’re going to DYE for this class!

I know everyone is excited to find out who will be teaching at the 2013 Southeast Fiber Forum Conference.  So far, we know Jason Collingwood will be teaching, but who else?

Eileen Hallman is the second teacher to be announced and you are going to DYE for her class, fibers that is.  The class Eileen will teach is Natural Dyes on Cotton!

Who is Eileen Hallman?

With close to 30 years of experience in fiber arts, Eileen Hallman is passionate about fibers, especially environmental cottons.  Having an educational background in engineering and experience working for Sally Fox, managing Vreseis Limited and performing research on fiber, yarn, and fabric made of the naturally pigmented cotton; Eileen is a wonderful source for information on this topic.  Who better to teach a Natural Dyes on Cotton class than a true cotton enthusiast?

Eileen’s current work is with New World Textiles.  She is involved in researching organic, naturally pigmented and recycled cottons and in the development of spinning slivers and yarns from these cottons.  She also develops tools and techniques, such as the Khadi Khanoo shuttle (read more at this site: www.charkha.biz ) which is a shuttle that holds the spindle for a book charkha, allowing the use of singes as weft.  Be sure to ask Eileen more about this and other interesting discoveries.  She truly has wonderful insight and information to offer.


Eileen instructing at a Piedmont Fiber Guild Workshop












May’s Guild of the Month

May’s Guild of the Month brings us a group of funky fiber folks down in Jackson, Mississippi, the Chimneyville Weavers and Spinners Textile Guild!

The Chimneyville Weavers and Spinners Textile Guild is a vibrant, active, deep South guild with a strong membership of 36 weavers, spinners, knitters, and fiber enthusiasts.  CWSG was organized in 1980 by a group of handweavers who wanted to preserve and expand their craft in Mississippi.  A member of the Handweaver’s Guild of America, CWSG is located in Jackson, Mississippi but has members from across the state and enjoys sharing information and good times with sister guilds on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in Louisiana.

Want to swing by and join in on the fun?  No problem!  CWSG meets for scheduled programs the third Saturday of each month from September through May at the Mississippi Craft Center, home of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi.  Follow this link to learn more about the center. http://mscrafts.org/ During the summer, guild members meet for fiber get-togethers or workshops.  Annual CWSG events include an educational Sheep to Shawl demonstration day held for children and families at the Craft Center in March and a holiday Loom Crawl in December.  (See photos below)  Other programs from this year include eco-dying cotton and basket weaving as well as participating in exhibitions.  This May’s meeting is the final program for the 2011-2012 year where members will be sharing their work they chose for a personal creativity challenge last September.  Come see the wonderful creations these guild members are sharing!




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